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Added on September 4 2010
(Haaye asghar, Haay Haay Sakina) x2 (Haay asghar Haay Sak
Added on June 7 2010
Rihaee hogi tu teri kabr aaogi (4) Hussain haal tumhe shaam
Added on June 7 2010
Rehae hogi to teri qabar pey aaoongi 2x Hussain haal tum

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15th M Ramzan

Wiladat e Imam Hasan as

19th M Ramzan

Shab e Zarbat Ali-Ibn-Abi Talib (A.S)

21st M Ramzan

Shahadat of Imam Ali-Ibn-Abi Talib (A.S)

23th M Ramzan

Shab e Qadr

3rd Rajab

Shahadat of Imam Ali-Un-Naqi (A.S)

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